Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Social 10-1

  • Today we finished up chapter 7 covering capitalism, industrialization, the industrial revolution, and imperialism.  Students are to complete worksheets for tomorrow to be submitted to Ms. Morrison.
  • We viewed the Kony 2012 project
  • Tomorrow: DVD – China: Inside Out

Social 20-1

  • Today we discussed expansionism during the Interwar period (Germany, Italy, Japan)
  • Reviewed the causes of WWI, and the handouts from yesterday for students who missed class due to the weather
  • Here is a link to a great documentary on the Secrets of WWI…
  • We viewed the Kony 2012 project
  • Tomorrow: Vocab activity for chapter 6 and 7, project assignment to be handed out and explained in detail

Sports Med

  • Today students wrote a quiz on the muscles of the body
  • Students had the remainder of class to work on their presentation about basic anatomy of joints and muscles structures
  • Students will be performing their raps on Monday, March 12th

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